How to migrate Amazon RDS database from one region to another in AWS

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We are going to see how to migrate RDS database from one region to another  

We are going to achieve this by taking a snapshot of the existing database in RDS then copying it to another region and then restoring the DB from snapshot in new  region  

Sequence explained below

First go to RDS dashboard


Click on snapshots link on the left to view all the db snaphots already taken then click 'Take snapshot' button on the right top


Create a new snapshot of the current DB state, give it a name as shown below and click ‘Take snapshot’ button at the bottom


You will see the snapshot getting created under status column


The status will change to 'available' after few minutes (Go get a cup of coffee ☕)


Next copy the newly created snapshot to a different target AWS region


Select the AWS region , in this case it is Singapore and give it a new name


When you click copy snapshot you might get this error if you don’t have a KMS key for encryption in the new region , in our case we don’t have it in Singapore region


So go to AWS Key management service under Singapore region and click 'Create a key' and follow the steps


Give key name and description and select type as KMS then click 'Next'


Select all permission based on your requirement , here we choose to give all the permissions so we select all check box option on top


Once we create the key we get success message


Go back to copy DB snapshot  and select the newly created key in master key drop down and click 'Copy Snapshot' button


Copy task gets initialized and you will see the status as copying , this takes a few minutes (Go get your second cup of coffee ☕)


The status will get updated as available once competed


Click the 'Restore Snapshot' after selecting the correct snapshot to be restored in the new region


The database creation from snapshot starts once we click restore  and this takes a while so go get your third cup of coffee . The creation process creates only a DB writer instance in cluster


Now we shall create a reader DB instance


We see the reader DB instance getting created


Now we see the cluster run with reader and writer instance in the new AWS region(Sinagpore)



We just saw how we can migrate a DB from AWS region Mumbai to new AWS region Singapore

All the settings like DB username and password are copied to new region via the snapshot so we don’t have to configure those kind information in this new cluster

Now we can start using the new DB cluster in new AWS region

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