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How to create SaaS style multi tenant web app with Spring Boot 2 ,Spring Security 5 and MySQL

PrerequisitesJava 8Spring Boot 2MySQLOverviewWe are going to see how to build JPA Multi Tenancy in Spring boot 2 and use Flyway for DB migration We are...

How to enable Basic authentication on Swagger UI using spring security

Enable Basic Authentication on Swagger UI using spring security. Assuming we have already configured Swagger in our project , we shall turn on basic authentication using spring security on spring boot v2...

How to enable caching in Spring Boot 2 using Redis

Since version 3.1, the Spring Framework provides support for adding caching to an existing Spring application. The caching abstraction allows consistent use of various caching solutions. We’ll enable simple caching in our project using caching abstraction in Spring and will use Redis to cache data...

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